Looking to trade up your diamond for something bigger, better or just different? We have hundreds of quality diamonds in stock, and over 2 million diamonds immediately available in any shape, quality, brand, etc. -- you name it and we can get it! Our prices are very fair and affordable, and we will give you in trade for your diamond much more than most other dealers simply because we deal in wholesale.

We've streamlined the process to be quick and easy. And since we have customers actively looking for larger, quality diamonds every day we can afford to pay top dollar.

How it works:

1. You request a "Blind Offer" on your diamond, and a Quote on a new one. A blind offer is just that, we take all the information you provide us and based on that only we try to give you an offer as close to what we think we'd pay for it. The more detailed and accurate the information is you can provide, the more accurate our blind offer will be to our final offer. Simply fill out the Request a Quote form. In the message section, please let us know if you wish to trade in your diamond and what you're looking for instead. If you have any questions regarding this, please call us toll free at 866-930-7799.

2. We email a prepaid, fully insured Express Mail shipping label. You simply print out the label and affix to an Express Mail box provided at the Post Office. There is no cost to you, and the contents are fully insured to $25,000 by our Jeweler's Block Insurance policy.

3. We contact you with our Final Offer and locate your New Diamond. Once we've been able to physically inspect the items in question, we will then issue you a Final Offer for the trade in value of your old diamond. We'll also send you an offer to sell you a new diamond. If you approve of the final offer, we will then process your request. If you decline the offer, we will mail your goods back to you at no charge.

4. Trade is Completed. If you traded in for a larger or more expensive diamond, you'll be given instructions on how to pay the balance and we'll immediately ship out your new diamond/jewelry once payment is received. Your parcel will be shipped via Express Mail overnight, free of charge.

If you traded in for a less expensive diamond and there is a balance owing to you, your check will be mailed along with your new diamond. Your parcel will also be shipped via Express Mail overnight, free of charge.

Ready to begin the process? Request a Quote -or- Call Toll Free, 866-930-7799.

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